Death of a Clown

I'm not the fairest judge of this, since, oddly, I don't mind funerals in the least bit, and I guess I'm a bit ashamed to say I enjoy them - death is so often so resolutely ignored that, from a mad scientist perspective, I enjoy watching people's responses to this one terrible topic. Maybe. I'm not morbid though, in some Goth Harold and/or Maude manner.

So, that said, Good Shesah in the sky would I have LOVED to gone to this funeral. A bona fide CLOWN FUNERAL. Look at the clown with the hat labeled "Dust". Brilliant!

I guess I have a new sub-mission in life: Attend a clown funeral. I'll keep my eyes/ears open. Please do the same and pass on word if you hear about it. I'm prepared to travel.

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