An analogy, if you will: A speck of dirt in an oyster's "mouth" produces an irritation in the oyster which responds my secreting a fluid which encases the dirt over time, removing the irritation. The by product of this is a pearl.

Just so, many specks of dirt got together to form our sun and all the planets, moons, asteroids, and debris rotating around the central point of gravity. Specks attaching to other specks attaching to other specks and so on IS the story of everything, in one view.

Just as so sometimes what we hoo-mans call "evil" can by their great "irritation" produce many positive by products.

Such as the League of Nations. Or the Federation.

Sometimes. If you accept the principle it IS the very act of destruction at some level which is necessary for the act of creation at another. This is in fact a condition of our physical existence and NOT a moral value judgment. Morality in sooth has nothing to do with it.

Just so, such as, also too.


veralynn said...

I hesitate to bring this up and if you want to delete, please feel free.

What has always fascinated and horrified me is the contribution the Nazi's gave to medical science and specifically, the human body. I am so horrified by that and yet we wouldn't know the things we know now about our own bodies. Hard to accept but there is another example.

Sorry if I brought everybody down.

Redshirt said...

No, it's all true. The NAZI's did contribute some valuable insights into medicine due to the incredibly cruel methods they used. And we could still do the same today - but I find it positive that in this small arena, we - collectively - have put human rights ahead of any specific individual pursuit of science or technology.

That said, I'm not optimistic this divide will stand for much longer, given the revolutionary possibilities of genetic engineering and developments in robotics.