Happy Birthday President Obama!

Awww - he was a Redshirt pirate back in the day. Just another reason why I love our President!

He's 49 today - let that sink in for a bit, my Gen-X peer group: You're almost as old as the President of the USA. Hipster that up.

I once again give thanks for this man - not only is he brilliant, inspired, bound for historical glory. But he's the perfect man for right now. He's got a way of dealing with conflict that I'll never have, but what many of the most inspirational people in history have had - Gandhi, for example. I don't know how he does it - but then, I'm a Redshirt, and a blunt instrument. 

Seriously though, if there is one person alive right now who can pull America out if it's current ditch, it's the guy currently running the show. Thus, despite the overwhelming levels of bullshit from the truly depraved and evil Repuglican party, we have a chance. 

Hope that's enough.

Happy Birthday Barry!


veralynn said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Mr President. I wish for your birthday that we will all come to our senses and work together to get out of the ditch. and one to grow on...I wish for the nutjobs to go somewhere and live by themselves on an uninhabited island with all their weapons.

Redshirt said...


Anonymous said...

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