Space Pimpin' (Old Man Pants)

Check out those Old Man Pants on the tough guy Redshirts. Except they don't really look that tough, do they?

An observation: Not only have we, as Americans, gotten extremely fat, there is also the fact that the most athletic among us are bigger, stronger, faster, everything is more advanced than at any time in the history of our species. Using science, of course, we are sculpting ourselves into gods - like Hercules.

So, perhaps ironically, while we are fatter than at any time in our history, we're also in better shape. Some of us, at least. Perhaps a small percentage of the whole, but again, this is a unique separation: The vast swathes of the hoi polloi are fat as sows; whereas the elite are trim and model looking good. Contrast that to most of our history (all?), where the dirty multitudes starved, and only the very lucky few - the true elite - could afford to be fat.

Progress, or abomination? I report, you decide!

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