A fair demand, methinks. And truly, unless it's some Christian Nosy Fussbody, what Overlord would not want his minions mostly drunk and/or high, at least during the few hours they're not slaving away for him? A besotted redshirt is one who more easily slides into his inevitable role.

But, those pesky Christians! Always with the meddling.


veralynn said...

how did I miss this post?!! shit, I want one of those signs. If I could have stomached watching the disgrace of becker and half wit palinator it would have been the perfect place for a couple of stormtroopers holding I Want Beer signs.

oh if only the world worked like it does in my head......

Redshirt said...

Oh, I get you. Stormtroopers anywhere works. Would have been a great way to "Reclaim America's Honor". Ha!