Joss Whedon is My Master Now

Inspired fan art, but is not all fan art inspired? Good is another matter.

If you have not seen the very short Tele-Vision series "Firefly", I highly recommend. Especially if you are a nerd/geek/closet nerd/geek. If you're not, why the heck are you reading this?

But also huge props to Joss Whedon, my favorite Tele-Vision writer/producer person ever. But then, I don't watch much Tele-Vision. Anyways, Buffy, Angel, and Firefly are TV gold and if you've ever been pondering watching anyone of them but hesitated, please do. Witty, funny, layered, and filled with great characterizations. 

Remember why we all love The Story, and it's encapsulated neatly by Whedon's deft writing and use of the anti-cliche/trope.

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