Tat Dump

No, I AM Mr. Pink....
 LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE (please note the blood in her teeth)!
 Otis in the outhouse with a bung (Mulberry Clue).
 COME ON DOWN (to be spayed and/or neutered)!
Here's a happy full sleeve...

Yeah. Coulda stretched this out for a while. Or dumped them. You see I've made my choice!


3hree said...

looking for a storm trooper tattoo to grace your pages i found

incidentally i also came across


sorry for the long links, they are really not worth cutting and pasting into a browser bar.

ultimately i'm just saying hi.

Redshirt said...


Thanks for the links. I am always on the lookout for stormtrooper bric-a-brac. In fact, I think I should have named this blog a "Stormtrooper's Lament". But alas...