Born to Die

Countless millions - billions? - of redshirts turned to dust over the history of humanity. Fodder for the elite, for the insane, for the power hungry. Conflicts lubricated by the blood of our brother and sister redshirts - will it ever end?

Seems unlikely. As the reality of our existence is quite clear, despite however you would like to deny it: To live, is to die. By DEFINITION. Thus, these "two" are really one and the same, since you cannot have one without the other. This is a deep realization, and goes a long way to addressing the core insecurity we all have in this world: Dealing with Loss. 

Once you realize you never had anything to lose in the first place, certain psychic barriers can be broken, and a greater truth understood. Like:

I'm sorry, but these Thai Redshirts are seriously diluting my brand. I've watched in growing dread as google searches for redshirts turns up more and more and more of these guys, and less of the real redshirt goodness I'm looking for. It used to be - back in the old days (2008) - I only had to wade through the dross of stupid college football players. Alas, no longer.

I hope you resolve your conflict one way or the other soon, Thailand. For my sakes!

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