The Depths of our Devotions

I could go on, but I trust by now you see my point: People have too much time on their hands! And need to understand the proper place of heroes. Which is not on a pedestal. Or on your bicep.


veralynn said...

I have one tattoo of a moon that looks like the California Raisins from a long time ago with some starts around it. The only other one I want is a Pink Floyd symbol. The little one, not the Dark Side cover. (that's a whole nother story)
If I could bring myself to do it I would get a pink flamingo too, but I can't. I love me some tacky flamingo's. :)

I love Star Trek, but no way, no how would I ever get a tat of Star Trek, any of it. That is a bit too creepy. Creepier than the woman with black teeth dressed up as a Vulcan at the first convention I went to. Having said all that, I do love me some Data. :)

veralynn said...

and that should be 'stars' not starTs. dammit.

Redshirt said...

Pink flamingo! Fun movie. No doubt the tat would be to honor it.

I'm not so sure a small Federation logo tattoo would not be ok. It's subtle, sleek, and obscure. Unlike the full tattoo of Data.

Look up the phrase "Brent Break" if you're looking for a Data related laugh.

veralynn said...

NO! I like John Waters as a person, forgive me for saying I don't care for his movies. I really do like the tacky plastic flamingo's in my front yard. Well, in my living room anyway. Someone might steal them if I put them outside silly goose.

Yeah, I didn't think of the logo. I just saw Data's face and freaked out a little.