Symbols everywhere

From a certain point of view, everything is a symbol. Since nothing you see is actually as it is, but rather a representation of something else. But perhaps that's too much - an example! Every letter in this sentence is a symbol, right? Nothing here means anything OTHER than what you've been taught it means. If you didn't read English, or the latin alphabet, this would all be pure gibberish. 

Another example: I KNOW matter is essentially (99%) empty space. It's nothing. And yet, a hammer - made of matter - hitting my thumb will hurt. Two separate realities, operating simultaneously (and that's the just the start).

So, for a Monday lesson: Accept that everything is symbolic of something else, and you take meaning from it - whatever it is, whatever the time - as needed at that time; another time, a different meaning.

So, as far as this goes: I like spirals. The best symbol!

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