Fish in a barrel

Unfortunately, these kinds of photos are a dime a dozen - America is filled with these idiots (actually, they probably represent about 20% of the population, but they're loud, ignorant, and have the backing of Newscorp - so that's all we're gonna hear about). Do you think the lady on the left even knows what Acorn was? How about that phrase "Social justice is tyranny" - a direct Glenn Beck line, spouted by all good Christians, natch.

If you've ever wondered, for example, how the NAZI's could rise to power and infect a "normal" country with their genocidal madness, look no further than these idiots - they'd love a Dictator to tell them what to do. Provided he's a Republican of course. Or The Palin.

Ultimately, this is all very sad, because there's probably a 98% correlation between these people, and the benefits these people would receive by NOT backing the Repuglicans. Unfortunately, they seem highly motivated to doom not only their own interests, but most everyone else's, as long as the Plutocrats get their fat cut. They'd never be able to articulate this, of course, but it's the truth.

Fear most often trumps logic.


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Redshirt said...

I remain somewhat optimistic some - many? - folks can eventually see the light of day, and let go of their hate. But not when there is a media geared to propagating nutjob hate campaigns in the guise of "journalism".

But alas, what can be done? Any attempt to change the media structure in this country will be met with smear campaigns the likes never seen before.

And so, optimistic though I might be, in some small ways, I think we have a ways to fall still before the vocal majority in this country use reason and civic duty to each other as their guiding principles, rather than fear and greed.

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can I get another amen?!