DIY Fusion

This is a pic of actual fusion occurring from a Do-It-Yourself fusion project. I highly recommend you check out Famulus' blog, here.

This is very inspiring to me, personally. But it's far bigger than that - if we ever efficiently harness fusion energy, it will literally revolutionize our world in short order. It would rank as one of the biggest inventions in human history, up there with Fire, the Wheel, etc. It's that big a deal, since essentially, if we can cross this fusion threshold, we will have unlimited power forever, with no downside. It would allow us to move completely from fossil fuels, for example. And so much more. I can't think of anything going on that has more potential than fusion research.

So you're clear, we've been able to produce fusion for a long time. The catch so far as been twofold: 1. It takes more energy to create fusion than it produces, defeating the purpose, and 2. We cannot sustain the reaction for long enough periods of time.

It is a difficult nut to crack, and I wish more effort was being put forth. But there are a lot of people working on it, and all it will take is one of them to make the breakthrough. It might be this guy.

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