Momma's L'il Dahlin'

Someone's gonna be wicked happy when they see this picture.

Also, I would bet 1,000 Space Credits that this little girl is from the South. I actually have no idea if she is or not, but I think I've developed an ability to guess where some people are from based on looks alone. Some Southerners look like... southerners. And I don't mean their clothes or Skoal hats, but their faces, their hairstyles -- in this pic, I think it's a combination of the hair and face which tells me "southerner".

I didn't quite believe in this ability at first - since, people move around all the time! We all watch the same tv and thus are generally influenced by the same pop culture; how would you even explain a physical "type" for any part of America, since the country is mostly a hodegpodge of immigrants?

Great questions! I don't know how to fully explain it. But! Without a doubt for myself anymore, I do think there are some physical characteristics particular to each region of the country - the South for example  - and these characteristics can be identified by sight, in some cases. Also fer example, I can spot a "real" Mainer a mile away, just by their face.

Do you feel like you could ID a person based only on their looks? For instance, someone from Minnesota?


veralynn said...

lol, yep I would agree. I have lived all over this country,except for the Northeast and there are some people I could pick up on. But, I need clothes and accents.

Use your talents for good...but you are RedShirt so you already do.

Redshirt said...

Accents are too easy!

But yes, with great power comes great responsibility. I will use it wisely. ;)

l.e.s.ter said...

Hey, you'd have the same expression on your face if Northern aggressors had been stomping on your culture and your way of life for the past 8 generations!

Redshirt said...

True. They just want "their America!" back.

Meaning: No Darkies or fags or atheists, and also none of them pointy headed libruls.