In Simpler Times....

I really would like one of these, now (not back when, of course). That said, I freely admit it's because I'm a huge nerd, and Dr. Jack drove a version of this on Lost, and it looked so cool, I thought maybe some of that coolness MIGHT rub off on me.

But that's a pipe dream, plus, I'm not looking for a long term project, which the Harverster would no doubt be.

But also, too: Simpler times. Looks pretty nice and nostalgic, doesn't it? And for some, that might be true. But was it simpler times for a black man? A lesbian? Chinese math student? I highly doubt it.

Which is an important point to try and remember as we descend further into madness: History is inevitably trending in a progressive fashion - just 75 years ago or so, women couldn't vote. Now we have Sarah Palin - see how progress has happened?

We're in the last throes of an old order, and the new one is gaining its feet; the transition will no doubt be painful, but aren't they usually?

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