Another helping of perspective

Think your problems are big? I tell you - you don't know what big is! Look at this chart (click for big!), from 1 through 6. Each group starts with the last member of the previous group. Beginning with group 3 is interesting to me, however - see our Sun there in the middle, much smaller than the blue giant Sirius? Then look at group 4, and look how small Sirius is compared to the next sized star, Pollux. And that's just the start! By the end, we get to stars that are hundreds of times bigger than our massive star - even this scale is frankly beyond comprehension.

To end, it's extremely cool to realize that every element on this Earth heavier than Iron, such as Gold, was entirely created in stars from group 4 and on, when they die and go supernovae. It is the ultimate act of destruction that in fact seeds the universe with all the heavier elements, which we are made of. There's a moral there!

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