Levels of Reality

Since I graduated from the prestigious Harvard Training Academy - AS YOU CAN SEE! - I feel I have obtained the proper WISDOM, you see, to opine on this, our reality. Our should I say, realities. I propose that we - living beings - exist in all these realities, however, our operational awareness of them differs from person to person. True WISDOM, then, would be the complete understanding and reconciliation of these different realities. As it is normally, there's no necessary correlation from one reality to another - what might be true in one could be false in another, and vice versa. They're independent in this regard.

Now, I've thought about this for many minutes now, so I'm sure it's correct. However, there might be some small chance I could change this in the future. But what do I care? I've got a diploma!

In order:
1. Societal reality - living in the world. These realities are location and era specific. The societal reality of Medina, Saudi Arabia, for example, is not the same as Seattle. All religion, government, etc, fits into this realm, and it dominates our attention.
2. Familial reality - a family is a society in microcosm, with less options for moving. 
3. Personal reality - what goes on in your head. Could be completely delusional, and in fact, it's always subjective. 

These are the big three. Most of us, and most of our day to day lives, are completely dominated by these levels, and in fact it would be easy enough to stop here and analyze the heck out these, since progress could be made. However, that's not my goal. Documentation only. So:

4. Chemical reality - hormones and other chemical triggers in the body. We might be completely unaware of this reality, but its certainly affecting us.
5. Biological reality - The actual biology that makes up living systems.
6. Physical reality - the atoms which make up the structures in our bodies and the rules governing their interactions.
7. Quantum reality - The underlying quantum nature of everything

And that's as far back as I go, for now. I strongly suspect science will peel back yet another layer - another reality - and I'll add that at the bottom.

To wit: One can analyze any given object, topic, concern, by using each of these levels. For instance, ask yourself what a mountain is at the the physical level. Each level has its own truths, and each level can appear to subvert the others. 

Most importantly, one can see how the bottom 4 levels can be viewed as fairly straightforward scientific concepts, whereas the top 3 are all subjective, hurly-burly creations of humans/humanity.

Point being: We spend most of our time in the top 3 levels, swimming in various delusions, and most likely completely unaware of the underlying levels that actually hold more objective truths.

Illusions all, however, even the quantum.


veralynn said...

the other weekend I was with a person 20 years younger than me....and I can tell you I have not felt old until that conversation. He literally, point blank asked me if I had wisdom. I guess because I am so ancient. (at 43??) I shall share yours with him so I can look smart. :)

Have I told you I love this site? The reasons keep adding up....other than that whole you being in my head thing. :)

Redshirt said...

Thanks veralynn - join up on the right hand side to get all the latest Redshirt updates!

You clearly have wisdom if you enjoy this blog. ;) Go back to that whippersnapper and tell him, confidently, that "YES! I have wisdom! In fact, I'm full of it!"

veralynn said...


thank you, kind sir..I shall go forth and spread my wisdom. :)

oh yeah, this will be fun...
thanks Redshirt.

Redshirt said...

Remember "Madge", the beautician that would soak customers hands in Palmolive? I LOVE her catchphrase: You're soaking in it.

So, and I say this for myself as well, we're full of it, AND we're soaking in it. IT being wisdom, of course.