Freaks of Yore

Some more perspective! This gentleman used to tour with the Barnum and Bailey circus in the early 1900's - as the Fat Man. He was reported to be the fattest man in the world at the time, but who could know?

Point being, while he is fat, he doesn't really look that fat anymore - you'd see a guy this fat (and fatter) at the Wal-Mart right now. 

Funny how times change, yes? For a more dramatic example of this change, watch a sporting event  - and specifically the crowd - from any year prior to 1988 or so. I'll spoil it for you: Everyone's thin.

What happened in the past 20 years to make so many people so very fat? 


l.e.s.ter said...

Seriously. What happened? I just heard this news story yesterday:

Why is there this need all of a sudden? Is it really super-sizing and corn syrup in soda?

Also, when did everyone stop staying in their lane on the highway? I seem to remember a simpler time when that wasn't so hard to do and everyone did it. Is it because of texting while driving?

Redshirt said...

I think it's a mix of 3 things:
1. HFCS - I read a study recently where groups of rats had the same caloric intake and exercise, except one group was fed sugar water, and another HFCS water; the HFCS group gained a substantial amount of weight.
2. Widespread use of cable tv/video games/internet. I.e. reduction of exercise.
3. Ever further urban sprawl, making walking even more restricted.

That's all I got. I'm sure the Illuminati are involved though, somehow!