Coulda been a Klingon

He's got the face for it! 

This is a real profile picture, by they way, from years back. Ask yourself what kind of guy would willingly put this picture of himself online? A Moran, that's who. But he's got guns, so, cool!

Again, the internet can be a scary place. I've been building up a tolerance for years, coupled with inoculations and brutal cognitive therapy. That said, I KNOW there are things, images, lurking out there beyond horror, beyond disgust. I steel myself for that moment - since I remember back, way back when, in the dawn of the Internet and my dial up modem would talk to the Great Modem in the Sky, and bring forth shocking pictures, shocking words, shocking behavior. I spent much of my first three years on the internet in a state of perpetual shock. You don't have to go through the same!

Be careful out there, and take nothing personally.

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