Imperial Blues

Unless we fundamentally change the course of our country, it seems pretty clear America has entered the phase of "Imperial Decadence" that happens to all Empires once they lose sight of their original founding. Safe to say America has long since lost that vision (it happened in chunks last century), and it's obvious to see were in a form of decadent delusion - Lindsay Freakin' Lohan/Lebron James is the leading news today. Sad. Real issues are never addressed, it's just more Bread n' Circuses.

Which is fun enough - I've got my fiddle well tuned and I know how to play during a fire.

Perhaps the only thing that might save us is "minorities" in America asserting themselves over the great hordes of stupid, greedy, fat white people. The demographics are going to turn very soon, but Old White Men are firmly lodged in every corner of power - it will take time to get them out.

We're seeing this change now - the media is about to go under, notions of citizenship are under fire, violence is on the horizon as dead enders feel the heat. The only question is will the forces of the Status Quo (Repugs, MSM, many Dems, Wall Street, K Street, etc) be successful in squashing these changes, or will they succumb relatively peaceful to a new order?

We'll find out whether you want to or not. Fun times!



veralynn said...

yeah and its depressing as hell
this once wonderful and inspiring idea....but I have the right to vote. I have the right to speak. I have a duty, when all hell breaks loose, to protect the constitution from usurpers like the racists and corporatists ( hey I made up a word-yay for me!) that are now in every branch and level of our government. they have had 30 years. I hope they eat their own, but if it does come down to violence, I choose to be a patriot in the true sense of the founders....dammit. that's the American way. :)

Redshirt said...

Amen. Its occurred to me that my notion of America - which you seem to share - is outdated, nostalgic.
Instead, in yet another wonderful inversion of logic and sanity, Southern Confederates have become the Patriotic Flag Bearers - the same shitheads who roll with the Stars and Bars and declare any democrat a "traitor".

It's insanity, but that's our world.

veralynn said...

yeah and did I mention I live in the heart of dixie? okay, I used to live in GA but am back in NC. in the recent repub primary, one guy who wanted to be my congressman gave away 3 assault rifles at fundraisers. yeah, it is our world and it does, indeed, suck.

You said up page a bit about how the 80's ruined us. I agree with that to a point. I think Reagan took the culture crap that the 60's gave us and ran with it creating the shit we are in now.

At he reran a post from a couple of years ago about how the 60's fights have brought us should check it out....lord knows if I could find it again.

Redshirt said...

I'm so sick of the 60's! But, I think it's finally exiting the system. Obama, for example, really has little to do with the 60's, and no association. If Obama wins in 2012, then it's likely our next Prez will also be a post 60's individual. Hallelujah!

Alas, the Reagan Revolution has turned out to be an actual Revolution - it feels like our civic bonds are breaking before our eyes. But I still have hope we can all pull it together and emerge even better - we're already there, if you want to look at it that way (Black Prez).

I've never lived in the South, and only visited a few states, none of them truly Dixie, I suppose. I'll admit as a Mainer, I'm a bit scared of the South. Deliverance has a lot of currency up here. ;)

I hear nice things about NC, however, though it has its bad parts too - but what State don't?

veralynn said...

as a military brat I can attest that all states have nutjobs. I can also say my experience has been they are more hardened in the south. I was talking to my mom the other day about how explicit the racism is and how I found it appalling and sad. She said it reminded her of when she grew up in the 40's and 50's. She said she didn't understand it then and she doesn't understand how we could have allowed it to start all over again. I don't think it started over again, I just think it went underground.

I am scared sometimes living here now. I haven't felt that before, even during Jesse days. But NC went for Obama and that gives me hope. Plus, we have lived through this before and we know the consequences. We, as a nation, will stop it. (Crossing fingers and toes)

Redshirt said...

Yeah, military brat here too, though strangely, only Southern states I lived in were Texas (very young) and Missouri, and Indiana, I guess.

I'm trying to be more positive, optimistic, because things are better - as you say, Obama won NC for crying out loud! That would not have happened 30 years ago.

So we're making progress, but it's a two steps forward, one step back form. Also, we're experiencing a final, primal scream from these Teabaggers and racists. Their gig is up, and they're going to make a lot of noise until it's all over.

Sadly, squeaky wheels get all the attention. I'm just hopeful this insanity disease doesn't spread beyond the Last Gaspers.

veralynn said...

yeah, my hope they will implode all over themselves and leave us out of it, but nothing ever works that way.

Where in Missouri? We were at Whiteman AFB in the early 70's.....although, I never thought of Missouri as southern. Arkansas, yes. I guess I always considered anything south or east as southern. Then again, we moved from MO to CA when I was 10. (Got my ID in California!! and you know how exciting that is!) We were mostly in the midwest...MO, SD and ND. We did get to go to Greece, but I was 6 months old when we got there and left 18 months later, so I have no real memories which sucks.

Redshirt said...

Ft. Leonard Woods circa 1975. I didn't think of MO as "Southern" either, but in retrospect, I think it was. I remember going to some of the first Wal-Marts! How exciting.

I moved to CA when I was 10 too! Didn't stay long though.

veralynn said...

we may have crossed paths dude! My mom was airlifted to Fort Leonard Wood in the summer of 1975. If you were ever at the hospital, we may have passed in the hallways....sorta Lost like, if you know what I mean. Pretty cool.

lol we had a Wal-Mart on one side of the highway to Warrensburg, and a TG&Y on the other side. with a McDonalds in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart. So, yeah, in retrospect it is southern. not sure how I feel about that. I don't know how to feel about the south. I love it here, but it may just be my family is here....who knows. I would love to get some sort of menial task job on a cruise and go sailing.

Redshirt said...

Small world, eh? Wouldn't want to have to paint it, however. ;)

We definitely might have crossed paths. I was in the hospital at Ft. Leonard Woods getting my tonsils out. It is like Lost! (I HAVE TO GO BACK!).

Speaking of cruises - I have a step-sister who did just that. She cut hair aboard the cruiseliner. Other than being trapped on the boat, she loved it. Got to see all kinds of things. That sounds like a better job, though, than waiter or busboy.

As for the South, give it some more time. Northern Occupation (via retirement) continues on schedule, and we've added many new hispanics to the mix. Texas and Florida will be turned first, along with NC. Then we'll work on the real Southern states - starting with the EVIL South Carolina.