You know who else had a private militia?

Rand Paul - spawn of RONPAUL - Leader of the PAULTARDS.

I am actually beside myself at the craziness out there, and that it keeps getting crazier. The world is burning, and all these nutjobs care about is OBAMBER SOCIALIST COMMUNIST!!! They're insane, all the more sad because the powerful are using these insane people as fodder, for their own corporatist ends.

But hey look! Nothing bad could come from Right Wing nutjobs having their own private security force, amiright? Real 'Muricans are in the private security force, ergo, it's good!

Overall, all of this craziness is a lashing out, the last gasp of a dying order, desperate to hold onto whatever shards of power it thinks it deserves. Demography is destiny, and demography is 100% against these wingnuts - it's only a matter of time before their influence fades away. The question is: How much damage will they do before then? 

We'll find out whether we like it or not. Buckle up.

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