Another Life (Brutha)

No offense meant to the great and worthy Captain Picard, but gee golly whilikers - a different casting decision might have led to so many different realities today. Terry O' Quinn as Captain Picard? Patrick Stewart as John Locke? I'd like to visit that reality just to see how it turns out. Might be awesome. Might not be. Until my dimension jumping machine is ready, I guess I'll never know.

Like Stewart, O'Quinn has been bald since very young, and thus, even as a young man, was cast in older roles - he's 42 in the above photo, for example. No spring chicken, but certainly, you don't make Admiral in Star Fleet at age 42.

Which leads me to my point: We can put a man on the moon, crack the atom, harness fusion, etc, and we can't find a cure to the most debilitating position known to men, i.e. MALE PATTERN BALDNESS.

C'mon, Global Pharmaceutical Concerns: There's money in those there bald pates. Lots.

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