Happy Captain Picard Day!

Hooray! It's one of the best days of the year, where us folks in the Lower Decks can regale each other over Synthahol about the greatness of Captain Picard. And he is great - Kirk, while awesome in a personal sense, had an amazingly high percentage of Redshirts die under his watch. Captain Picard, on the other hand, WEARS a Redshirt. Think about that. We sure do down here in the Jeffries Tube cleaning department.  Sally from Receivables replicated this cake on all our behalf:

And for any of you who think Captain Picard might let all of this go to his head, never forget: He was tortured to protect you. He's seen the light(s):
 Enjoy this awesome day!


l.e.s.ter said...

That's the best your replicator could do? How was that cake design even programmed in?

Redshirt said...

Custom program. In the future, making things look lame is considered cool, since everything is normally perfect.

veralynn said...

it reminded me of that cake of Troi that Worf is eating in the dream. I never know the titles, forgive me. btw, the one I am talking about is one of my favorites.

Redshirt said...


But I didn't know the title either, and don't know that many really. But there's the internet, awaiting search terms like "worf eating troi cake".

What a place!