Expansion from a Singularity - that's the headline which describes our entire reality. As you can see, everything is getting further away from everything else as time goes along, since space time itself is expanding (like an inflating balloon).

This picture is a version of the cone diagram showing the WMAP survey two posts down. There is a big debate in science as to the future of this expansion - will it continue? Speed up? Slow down? The answer determines the future of our Universe. If it were to speed up, then eventually (some 20-30 billion years from now), matter itself will start to fall apart as the expansion of space time pulls apart the nucleus. 

If it slows down, then we could be heading for a Big Crunch, in which gravity gains the upper hand and pulls everything back down into a Universal size Singularity (which, in my preferred theory, would then eventually explode again, forming a new Universe).

No one is sure right now how it will play out. Regardless, we'll never see it. So, enjoy your day!

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