20100615 America.....

Hot babes can show off their ignorance and true moral bankruptcy by making funny "ha-ha's" on T-Shirts; isn't torture funny? But make no mistake: If the American Taliban had their way, I suspect there would be nothing different other than some particulars with Sharia Law. Religious wackjobs are all the same, despite whatever God they say they believe in.

This was at the Tea Bagging/Saint Sarah of the Holy Palin Audience on Boston Common in early spring. It was sparsely attended, and a sizable percentage of the attendees were there to mock the Wingnuts, as so:
Regardless, there were true believers in the crowd. These folks are scary - they'd sell themselves out for less than a song or dance. They are the true fodder of this world - just waiting to be told what to do. And of course, the power hungry are always looking for these people. And believe you me: If the Repuglicans take either or both the Houses this Fall, all will we see/hear about is the dynamic between these two groups - the 27%er's (The Tea Party/Wingnut base) and those the use this group to accomplish their own ends (usually Corporate/personal wealth). 

Don't believe me? Consider the mentality it would take to put a bumper sticker on your car that said:
Oh wait! No need to consider. Here's an accurate representation of that person:
Which is really about:
Where was I going with all this?

Oh yeah - Babes and Religious Fascism. The canary in the gilded cages, as it were.

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