Before the Dark Times

Iranian students, 1975.

 Iranian pin up model, 1975.

As you can see, there's been a rather dramatic change in cultural norms in Iran over the past 30 years - from an almost completely Westernized country then, to a country today playing the game of "Keeping up with the Mullahs", it's been about 180 degree turn. Never forget this could happen anywhere - cultural forces can sweep over the objections of an individual.

Many people left Iran in the wake of these changes. And I'm sure some (many?) are glad. Progress is an odd thing - sure, Iran may have been Westernized with a greater amount of freedom, but there were also under the thumb of a despotic royal family prone to torture and disappearances (backed by the USA as well).

The same could be said for America, for example - one could look back fondly at the 1970's, and wish for those simpler times, but those simpler times were also periods of overt racism, sexism, etcism. So I guess the question you should ask yourself: Simpler(better) times for who? And why?

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