A Study in Shame, or the lack thereof

Err, yeah. See, the thing with the Leia Metal Slave Bikini is, well, it takes a certain body type to pull it off. First on the checklist would be a feminine body type; hairy nerds? Not so much.

And check out this slug:
You don't want to get typecasted as a "human Jabba". 

Also, hope you like the re-design. Let me know if you have comments. I'll be tweaking it over the next week.


veralynn said...

that scary lady in the pic from Thailand freaked you out and you needed to change the site? Ha! I crack myself up.
Anyway, I just got here, but I like it! The guy in the post above? Yeah, not so much.

l.e.s.ter said...

I like how the female Leia Metal Slave Bikini costume wearer is keeping maximum distance from the male Leia Metal Slave Bikini.

Broadly I like the re-design. It's always a little jarring to see a change, but this has a nice "open" feel. The only thing I'm not sold on is the white background. I don't think color photographs look as good against white. Maybe tan? Or a mellow gray?

Redshirt said...

It seems much slower to me. I don't like. I'll be poking around with some of the color schemes, but not much. I want to put a custom pic as the background, but as of yet, have not found a way. Thanks for the comments.