New Gondolin (or TBD)

Here it is - the future site of New Gondolin, or some other name, but probably no name - since I cannot name things. But I try.

Regardless, I got the call this morning that ground has been broken - the big tree on the left of this picture is due South, and is now gone, and the house will be pointing a couple of degrees to the south side of due SouthWest. 

I'll be working on this all Summer and well into the Fall, so I apologize for my absences in advance. This is the goal I've been working towards for about 13 years now, so... well. It's surreal.


l.e.s.ter said...



Redshirt said...

Thanks! Wait till you see it. It's going to be incredible.

veralynn said...

I second that, Congratulations! It looks spectacular.

Redshirt said...

Thanks veralynn. It is. I'll have more pics as the months pass by.