Merry Solstice!

Analemma - rarely photographed, here's the sun making a full course throughout a year, from Summer Solstice to Summer Solstice. Trippy, eh?

In danger of being trod upon. In honor of:

Stonehenge! ‘Tis a magic place
Where the moon doth rise with a dragon’s face
Stonehenge! Where the virgins lie
And the prayers of devils fill the midnight sky
And you my love, won’t you take my hand?
We’ll go back in time to that mystic land
Where the dew drops cry and the cats meow
I will take you there, I will show you how
And oh how they danced
The little children of Stonehenge
Beneath the haunted moon
For fear that daybreak might come too soon
And where are they now?
The little children of Stonehenge
And what would they say to us?
If we were here… tonight

 May your day be long and cloud free!


veralynn said...

love this one...I am looking for a like button...I spend way too much time on the internets and facebook.

Redshirt said...

What's a "like" button? Anything resembling the "random" button?

veralynn said...

ooo what's a random button? like stumbleupon? is your question rhetorical? if so, then just know I am blond (ditzy in the best sense). if you really don't know what a like button is, you should get on Facebook dude!

Redshirt said...

Oh, it's me - not familiar with Facebook. I'm not quite the internet guru I lead you to believe.

But the "random" button - that was the button created for the first CD players, which shuffled the songs randomly. It's always been my favorite button - if I had to choose!