Precious Memories

Alas, a few weeks later, Mugsy traded in the girl for another, peppier breed.

Alas, also, too: Have you ever wondered about your childhood memories? Whether they are real, or if you are simply remembering a picture or home movie, or a version of the events that you made up in your head of from hearing about it from your parents, etc. EX: You recall listening to your parents tell the story of your first day at school such that, many years later, when you think about your first day of school, what you are really remembering is your parent's story.

No? Well, that's probably for the best, because once you begin to fundamentally question your memories of the past, you quickly come to a point where it becomes unclear what, precisely, a person is, other than these collections of memories, which might all be false. And who wants to think about that?

Remember the 80's? Now you do.


l.e.s.ter said...

Is that a young Bill Gates in drag?

The manufactured memory idea is fascinating -- our sense of identity is fused so strongly to experience recall. Amnesia fascinates me for that reason, how does personality survive the lack of identity, the lack of past experience? It's no wonder that there's a sci-fi meme for manufactured memories (Blade Runner and Duncan Jones' Moon are two good examples.)

Redshirt said...

I bet she turned into a good looking lady - I can kind of see it under the 80's oppression.

I'd be willing to bet the majority of our childhood memories are manufactured from other people's stories, or stories we told ourselves based on a picture or some other cue.

There is no real self, after all, except for a collection of habits we continually reinforce through repetition.