Olan Mills

There's all kinds of new fun to be had in this brave, bold new Millennia; for example, dial up your internet machine to the all mighty Google Images, and ask it a question. Any question in the world. And then divine your answer from the pictures that come back. "Should I date a Landshark?" 

For an easy starter subject, simply type in "Olan Mills" and let the fun begin - the image above is from the first page, and I assure you, the laughs go on for a long, long time.

Wherever you are now, Mr. Olan Mills, I salute you: You've provided immeasurable joy to this miserable world.


veralynn said...

that was my first job....cold calling people to sell them Olan Mills portraits. Ha!

Redshirt said...

Wow. That's amazing. You must be responsible, in part, for some of the great "art" now on the internet, for our enjoyment.


veralynn said...

never let it be said that I didn't help the American economy! You're welcome world. :)

Redshirt said...

Do you have access to any of the old photos? I'd love to see them - especially the awesome "reflection" style Olan Mills is so well known for.