You'll make a great dystopia

On the big scale, any desert city has to be considered fragile and vulnerable - they exist in defiance of nature, kept alive only by constant (and expensive) efforts to fight back nature. Water is the obvious weakness. This is the Burj Tower in Dubai, just a fantastic building - tallest in the world, for now. But like most/many skyscrapers, it was built more because of ego and status than actual need. Thus, as soon as the underlying reasons for Dubai begin to buckle - and you can bank that this will be related to the Oil Economy - then buildings like the Burj, and so much more, will suddenly be very vulnerable to the economic winds of change. Once the economy falls, the house of cards collapses, and we have what should be an awesome dystopia in the wings - imagine being part of some post-apocalyptic caravan, trekking through the Wastelands, and you come upon Dubai, still gleaming amid the sand-dunes and wreckage. Awesome!

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