Review: Avatar

No real spoilers, though if you care about spoilers for this movie, I would assume you should have already seen it. 

Anyways, to wit: It's really just Aliens with better effects and a different narrative focus (the Aliens are the good guys). But that's a very standard story trope and there's nothing special about it here. Not terrible, not even bad - well done even. Just rote. And I mean it: It's shockingly like Aliens.

The effects, however, are amazing. I saw Avatar in 3D IMAX, and the experience was quite intense. Never seen a movie like it before - they used the 3D effects through out to great results. It was immersive, and I recommend the 3D version to anyone just for this experience.

Finally, the movie did not really even touch the aspect of this story I find most interesting: The use of Avatars. It really was not a big part of the movie. However, this concept of working with an Avatar in a "virtual reality" will become more and more commonplace for us, and in fact, more important. A rich area of study, both from a fiction and nonfiction sense.

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