Riffs on Memes gone Wild

This is Damon Lindelof, a Polar Bear, and Carlton Cuse. Here's the website of relevance to this picture. Writers need more glory!

To wit, here's a brief recap of the above: In Ancient Times, some long forgotten genius invented art on velor. Then, some other genius decided to put pictures of Elvis in velor. As all know, Elvis is King, so anything in velor became popular, but then, with the Rise of Sarcasm, it fell out favor. Only to return as a zombie of its former self: As an ironic enjoyment.

As such, an artist friend made Lindelof and Cuse the above painting, in velor. Somehow the concept caught on, and the three men decided to launch an art series with Lost as the theme - you can see all the paintings at the above link.

It's the dialectic, of course. Who could predict it?

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