The Tower

Spoilers for latest episode of Lost and The Dark Tower series by Stephen King!

Last night's episode, The Lighthouse, really could have been called "The Tower", in my mind, since it made the connection to King's Dark Tower series pretty explicit. Now, in the books, getting to the Dark Tower is the goal of everything - that's what the gunslinger thinks he has to do throughout, and every other adventure is subservient to this goal. I can't imagine that's the case with Lost, as I'm betting this Tower will only be featured briefly again, if at all.

But, apart from the fact that it was a Tower, the main parallel is striking: In the DT, when Roland is walking up the Tower, at each level he's given visions of his past life, and the key choices and events in it which led him directly to the Tower.

In Lost, Jack sees flashes from the "Candidate's" lives, including his own (but also at least the Kwons, and maybe others). Also, as per Flocke last week and which seems clear, Jacob has been guiding these candidates to the island for their entire lives.

As I's said before, the writers have long acknowledged a deep influence on Lost by The DT; the DT deals with tons of time travel, the issues of fate v. free will, black v. white, good v. evil, chaos v. order, etc v. etc. Now, of course, none of these issues are exclusive to any author or book. But these two sweeping stories - Lost and the DT - have enough similarities, and the writers have stated this connection, that it seems reasonable to assume that Lost will be leaning towards similar conclusions as the DT. Which many fans won't like, because of one word:



veralynn said...

I realized last night that they are going to be able to write this ending and it will be worth the 4th season. I wasn't sure until last night if it wouldn't end up like "Twin Peaks". It was when Claire killed that Other and said she would kill Kate if she had her baby. The next 13 episodes are going to be fantastic.

Redshirt said...

You didn't like Season 4??! Why? I thought that was a fantastic season - boat commandos, Farraday, Others, Oceanic 6, missing creepy Claire, etc.

Regardless, I have full faith this ride is going to be great. I'm trying to remind myself that there's only approximately 3 months of Lost left, forever, so I'm trying to really, really appreciate it while it's here. Hope you are too!