Sick o' Politics

After the Masshole debacle, and the general climate of US politics, I've kinda checked out. I know this is precisely the response the Evil Repuglicans want, but frankly, I waste too much time following the minutiae, and most of it is pure bullshit, which I've documented extensively. So, what's left to say? The Wingnuts are insane (see the latest survey? 70% or so of self described Republicans think Creationism should be taught in schools. Which is insane, but there we have it), they've got the levers of media power and will use that power to spread their insanity until they succeed or destroy the nation in so doing.

Above is a nice clip from our old friends "The John Birch Society". Who used to be considered crazy extreme, but today would fit into the snug middle of these teabagger wingtards.

One might gain reassurance from the fact that look above! There were crazy wingtards back then too. Which is true, of course. The difference is, then, they were considered fringe/extreme by the actual Republicans. Today, they are the Republican Party, and not just the political party, but the entire Newscorp empire - which is not just Fox News and Fox Business, but so many newspapers - and not just the biggies like the WSJ, but likely, one of the papers in your town. And it's not just that - what about your local Fox affiliate? Think they're not taking cues from the top? Right. And etc...

And so you see we've been entirely walled in - unless you are prepared to find your own sources, and the vast majority of Americans are not - then you're force fed either pure Corporate propaganda (NBC, CBS, CNN) or corporate propaganda from the PR wing of the Repuglicans, which is Newscorp.

And thus, we have debates in America, in the sci fi year of 2010, about teaching science in science class. Insane.

I still love Barack, of course, more than ever. I think he's doing an incredible job, and if he's allowed to continue, will do much to heal this world. But will he be allowed? You know there's a sizable percentage of the actual US Government that will do everything and anything they can to prevent him.

So, send your positive vibes the Prez's way. For whatever that's worth, which, objectively, is nil. 

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