Imbalance seeks balance

Premise: Nothing is ever created or destroyed; rather, all that we witness, all that we are, could know and ever will know, simply represents energy in a continual state of transformation.

Thus, everything - and I mean everything - can be described in very simple terms, as "imbalance seeks balance". For instance, the wind exists because areas of the earth achieve uneven temperatures - winds are the means for these imbalances to be evened out. For instance, Plutonium is radioactive because it has an imbalance of electrons, and sheds them, seeking out a balanced state (which is Iron, if you recall). Nature abhors a vacuum, they say. On and on....

However, balance, if it ever can be achieved, is a fleeting state, soon to be filled with more imbalances - the wind won't ever stop blowing, in other words.
Consider then, if you believe this, what this means for our lives, our existence, our very reality.
Finally, the spiral is THE symbol to describe this relationship - of unending transformations.

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