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ACHTUNG! From here on out I will be posting comments about the latest Lost episode - so if you have not seen it yet and don't want to get spoiled, be advised!

My Lostmas eve was great. I cannot say I was blown off my feet by the episode (save one scene - where EviLocke apologizes to Ben for his behavior as Smokey!), but the more I think about it (a lot) the more and more I'm digging it.

SPOILERS for Stephen King's Dark Tower series!

In the second book of the series - The Drawing of the Three - we read about two alternate realities, which split off from each other. But characters in each reality have some awareness (which increases) of the other reality, and compels them to act in such a way that eventually the two realities are merged. Pure speculation based on the DT, but I think that's likely how Season 6 will play out - the folks in the Alt reality will be ever more compelled to act in ways they don't fully understand, until they come together, presumably to save Jacob and/or the Island.

Quick hits: I was wrong about the first scene (not an eye!). However, this same scene was used before - Jack looking out the window - to detail the crash. But this was Alt reality. In our reality, Kate's eye was the first shot.

Awesome to see all the old characters in different ways. Clearly, they're all starting to connect - fer example, it seems clear Alt-Sawyer will try and con Alt-Hurley (Luckiest man alive!).

What I like best about this direction is it actually provides a realistic and fulfilling path of redemption for John Locke. If not the real John Locke, at least the Alt version (and definitely not the Evil version). I really liked the late scene of Jack and Locke talking about his paralysis.

Also, I'm thinking Resurrected Sayid might actually be Jacob - watch and find out!

More later. For now, I'll be rewatching and reading the Hive Mind.

Oh! Finally, Desmond. He's "The Constant", if you recall. I bet he can appear and be fully aware of both realities, and he'll play a large part in the resolution.  He did disappear from the Alt Plane, after all.

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