Man, what a story. I've become more and more impressed with the technical details of Lost - specifically, how they've fractured the story into so many different facets, and presented these facets out of order, backwards, repeated, etc. It's all quite challenging.

Consider the last episode - we saw three different versions of Locke: Dead Locke (DLocke), Fake Locke (FLocke), and Alternate Locke (XLocke). Each had different motivations and invoked different feelings in the viewer, simultaneously. I'm hard pressed to see how this same technique could be used in a book without massive confusion. Regardless, how strange to feel the loss of a character, to root for the same character, and to fear the same character in a different form.

All the pictures above are from one and the same Locke, who's now DLocke: He died as he lived, pathetic, humiliated, and used. Very sad, and powerful. 

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