Fan art, sorry, but I like it. Anyways, its about time we got a story from the Smoke Monster's point of view. It seems likely to me that he/it is no pure evil villain, but a conflicted character trapped into playing a role, and wishing for a change. Evil may result from these wishes, but that's not the goal.

Who was the kid who freaked out Smokey? I'm betting it's Aaron, somehow. We know now why they've all been brought to the island: they're all being tested as candidates, to replace Jacob and perhaps Smokey too. But something about this process seems off. I bet this also explains the childbirth issue - this game of Candidates. And substitutes.

LAX reality gets more interesting. Locke is mostly as pathetic as ever, yet he's got his girlfriend and a father in his life, which are two big changes. I hope we get redemption for this Locke, cuz the real Locke was finally put in the ground.

But! It struck me as significant that Flocke screamed out "Don't tell me what I can't do!" to GhostCreepyKid, which is definitely a Lockeism; so, could Locke's personality still be "alive" within Flocke? Here's hoping.

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