My New Favorite Moon - Titan

There's a lot of awesome moons in the Solar System. There's our moon, of course - Luna. Which has its charms. Jupiter's got some awesome moons - Io is just metal, Europa might have more water than Earth - but my money for best planetary system is Saturn. This here picture above is a real, actual photo from the surface of Saturn's biggest moon, Titan. For comparison, Titan is bigger than Mercury and would easily be classified as a planet if it had its own orbit around the Sun. 

Titan is wondrous for other reasons though: It has a very thick atmosphere, with a solid surface. Like Earth. It also has liquid on its surface, like Earth. Earth and Titan are the only two bodies in our Solar System that have these two features. Neat, huh? The issue with Titan, of course, is it's cold as heck: Water freezes as hard as rock. The liquid that flows on Titan is methane; propane - fossil fuels. It's a world filled with gasoline in other words. It's weird. There's no oxygen on this moon, and if it were to be introduced, everything would burn.

Finally, and perhaps coolest of all, if you were to ever visit Titan, you would not need a pressure suit. Just protection against the cold, and an oxygen supply (like a scuba tank). Thus, Titan is a highly promising candidate for a future human base - perhaps the last way station in our Solar System for mankind.

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