That's why it's called a Sacrifice

This is the drawing the young John Locke had hanging up when visited by Richard Alpert as a small boy. Means something I think!

The idea of "the sacrifice", it occurs to me, is similar to the idea of the "American Dream", in this sense: Elites use a meme which causes people to give themselves up for an Elite cause. A traditional mythic "Sacrifice" is always done at the behest of the elite, and the sacrificee is almost never part of that group, save for some children of the elite.

The American dream, of course, is a great tool to convince vast majorities of the population to buy into an economic system designed against them - however, because of the few rare cases where people do succeed in this system (and these cases are almost always highlighted by the Elite media), people buy into it, and think, "Yeah, I could get rich too".

Odds are you won't, but in the process of trying, you'll be aiding the continuation of your own subjugation. But more on this later. For now, this:


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