The Media is the Message

It seems with each passing day, I grow more and more ANGRY at the US media, at least the vast majority of it. I have conspiratorial tendencies, which I am aware of, and I try to keep logic and facts at the forefront. Here are some facts about the MSM:

- All major media outlets are owned by massive corporations. The so called "liberal" MSNBC is owned by GE. To wit, corporate parents will never let their news children really do them - or their interests - any damage, yes? It's a logical conclusion. 

- Thanks to Clinton (who passed, due the Wingnut Repubtards witch-hunt, two really bad laws), laws relating to ownership of media outlets in a given market were waived, which has predictably led to a concentration of media outlets in fewer and fewer hands - witness the Newscorp buying spree of the past ten years. Less diverse ownership will, by definition, mean fewer opinions or perspectives.

- In regards the media itself, their main interest is not the news or accuracy or investigations or anything of the sort. It's ratings, which translate to ad revenues. That's it. So, commercial pressures will force complex topics away, and more sensational topics will be favored. Once this is realized, why not create the controversy yourself? It's in your interest to do so, and there are, seemingly, no negative consequences.

I could go on. But suffice to say, we are firmly in a period of extreme Yellow Journalism and sensationalism, truth and logic be damned. Example:

Today on Good Morning America, "America's Mayor" had this to say:
What [Obama] should be doing is following the right things Bush did. One of the right things he did was treat this as a war on terror. We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We've had one under Obama," Giuliani said.

Now, this is on the heels of several other "Republican Strategists" claiming over the last few weeks the very same thing, one of them going so far as to say 9/11 was inherited by the Bush Admin.

It's insane, of course, and no longer surprising. However, no one in the media makes any point to correct these obvious lies. And why should they? Will that help their ratings? No.

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