Oh, I am ready. This is gonna be the best Lostmas EVER! I've banned myself from reading anything about Lost on the almighty Interwebs, so as to avoid any possible spoilers - spoilers are a bane on the net. Take it from me, friends, getting unexpectedly spoiled stinks. Thus, my advice to all is read nothing else about Lost on the intertubes, except here on this blog with my 100% Iron Clad Locked Guarantee SPOILER FREE ZONE!!! Of course.

Said it before, but who is the bad guy on Lost, really? Ben is an easy candidate, but one can have some sympathy for him, and he appears to have been sincerely working in what he thought was the best interests of the magical island, and Jacob in specific. If the island turns out to be Good, does this redeem Ben?

I think it's conclusive, ja? That Ben never talked to Jacob until the Season 5 finale; however, less clear in my mind is who was calling the shots with the Others then? Ben was getting instructions from who he thought was Jacob, via Richard. So, was Richard really dealing with Jacob, or was he dealing with the Man in Black(MiB)? And even then, if it was the MiB, was it the MiB pretending to be Jacob, or straight up, fully representing MiB? So many questions!

Does Widmore really seem like the bad guy? He, too, has some sympathetic characteristics - did he grow up on crazy Island, as an Other? If so, can you really blame him for being a bit "direct" as an adult? And while he's unquestionably committed evil acts as well, it's quite possible he knows the truth about Jacob and the MiB and is doing everything he can to help Jacob. Widmore quite possibly might be the big hero. Or the big villain.

And what of the Dharma Initiative? Surely they're not done in the tale. And while they were ostensibly all peace and love, they sure did have a lot of evil folks and evil plans, it seems. What about Alvar Hanso, and the DeGroots? So many questions!

Is the MiB also Smokey? If so, how would Smokey get to the Hydra Island and take the form of Locke, if that's what's going on (which seems likely to me, since we've seen the Smoke Monster scan people and play back their memories, and we've also seen dead people from the past visit these same people who were scanned). Is Christian working for Jacob or the MiB?

I could go on, and I will. But later.

Come on 2/2!

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