Home of the Brave

I've learned so much these past few years. For instance, I always understood conceptually the role fear plays in Authoritarian movements - it's central. Every Authoritarian will try and make his population afraid of something, and then will direct that fear to an "other" - for example, the Jews have sadly served this purpose for many authoritarians throughout history, Hitler being prime among them.

All by the books, ja? Well, look at the responses to the recent Underwear Bomber attack. Obama's initial response was perfect - he didn't say anything, and he let his people handle it. But this was not enough for the screamers in the Repuglican party and their mouthpieces in all forms of Media. So it became the story - Repuglicans attacking the President over a failed, pathetic terrorist attack. And the fear followed. Do you see it? They want us to be afraid - not the terrorists mind you (though of course they do, but that's to be expected), but the Repuglicans. And the media wants to talk about it, cuz fear sells. And so, following the Fox model ("One of the toys your child plays with could kill them - tune in at ten to find out which one!"), the steady diet of fear-fear-fear has returned.

The only question I have now is: Does this shit still work? Are Americans truly so chicken shit they would give up their freedoms cuz some moron lit his underwear on fire?

Wait and see...


l.e.s.ter said...

I am afraid of that child.

Redshirt said...

The Children, especially the fat ones, are our future.