Eye of Jack, Eye of Horus, Eye of Saturn

Eyes! Lost has used the image of the opening eye pretty consistently throughout the show -- the first image of the show is of Jack's eye, above.

So, a prediction (pure specualtion!): Season 6 will open with a close up of an eye, of a character we either don't know yet, or a mysterious character like Richard, or the MiB, or maybe even Jacob. That first scene will most likely be very incongruous from what you expect Lost to be -- recall the Season 2 opener, for example. So, as a guess, it will be the eye of the person who first "discovered" the island.

I'm hoping they go into some detail about the Egyptian influences. But who knows? I don't care, actually, because at this point I have faith in the writers to bring this story home.

Also, of course, Horus (or Horace) is a semi-major character - leader of the DI, and the ghost form that pointed Locke in the direction of the Cabin in Season 3.


veralynn said...

I am beginning to wonder where they will go to make it worthwhile, then I rewatched last season's finale the other day and realized they are going Stephen King and The Dark Tower. Most people don't like the ending of that series, but I found it the only way the tale could end. So I am going with the feeling that they knew where they were going all along and it will be the correct ending. They better answer all the questions though or I will be pissed.

Redshirt said...

I agree with your general gist - it seems probably we'll get a DT ending, but with these great writers, who knows how they'll end this. I want to know just a few things: What is the Smoker Monster? Why can't women have children? Who is the Man in Black? And finally, more Richard Alpert!