All my dreams of yesterday are today's cliches

There is no official map, so take it as but an interpretation, but based on my reading of Lost, this is the most accurate map existant. There are many versions that place the Hydra to the Southeast of the Island, but I think the events of Season 5 prove that wrong, and North to be the correct location (NERD!!!).

Anywho, years and years ago I came up with a cool story idea that heavily featured an island upon which a secrective organization attempted to build a Utopia and thence change the world. Not exactly an original trope, I grant you, but not that cliche either, until of course Lost, which has taken that idea and run with it, to great success. Such success, in fact, that forever and anon, the trope will be associated with Lost, and any use of the trope thereafter will be attributed to the show, for good reason. But I thought of it first! I even drew up a cool map.

And so it goes: I wrote a few books in the glorious mid 90's, and have spent the years since watching all the good bits get used in other works. Don't get me wrong, I am taking zero credit for any of it, just lamenting.

That's what it's all about, after all!

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