A sign of the damage

A hundred times a day, everyday, I feel out of sorts, misplaced, wondering what the hell is going on. Every once in a while something stands out in sharp contrast, highlighting the current scene clearly, momentarily, then flash! It's gone.

Here's a headline from the Washington Post today:

Obama aide defends trial for suspect in Christmas Day attempt to bomb plane

Got it? We have to - the Government now has to - defend to the "press" why we should follow the rule of law and prosecute someone according to the law. It needs to be defended now - that is where 8 years of post-modern neocon leadership has led us: Nowhere, everywhere. There's nothing real anymore, anything and everything is merely a tool to attack those you don't like.

So yes, in 2010 America, in one of its leading newspapers, we have to "defend" the trial of a criminal suspect.

What's the alternative, you ask? Jack Bauer, is the serious answer. Torture.

Absurd - by plan. Consider our former Dear Leader: He bought his ranch in Crawford TX a few months before the election, played rancher during the election and thereafter, and immediately sold the ranch as soon as he was done pretending.

Clear as day absurd, and yet, here we are - no doubt there are legions of amiable little fellows ready and willing to defend all of that pretend play as "being a Real American", or whatever. Insane.

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