All Ackbar, All the Time

Strangely, I find myself genuinely appreciating Admiral Ackbar, in many different regards. For example, in an evolutionary sense, I suppose there's nothing in particular - is there? - which would prevent any lifeform from developing sophisticated strategies for dealing with their particular environment, and through the millennia, and with successful reproduction, the lifeform continues to advance until one day some magic happens and they are "smart" - language, rudimentary trade, specialization, tools, etc. So on and such till there's some big fish in charge of the Rebel Fleet. Could it happen on on some alien world if all the conditions turned out right? Why not?

Sadly though, Ackbar is proven wrong on more than one occasion in ROTJ, so he's something of a tragi-comi-evolutionary hero for me, you see? Advanced fish might just be objectively inferior to advanced mammals, and struggle mighty though he surely does, even Admiral Ackbar cannot overcome that, can he?

Also, I am a gigantic nerd, if I have not mentioned that recently.

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