Octogons of Former Innocence

This is an edited copy of the blacklight map that appeared on the blast doors in the hatch in Season 2 of Lost. It only flashed on the screen briefly, but lo, all falls before the power of the internet. It always goes a little something like this: A handful of nerds capture the image on the TV, and post it (some better than others). Then, the legion of other internet folks spend countless hours going over theories of meaning, in a true dialectic in that these theories will evolve quite quickly. There's no guarantee of accuracy, of course, but I lean towards a computational model whereby when you have hundreds of people analyzing anything repeatedly, collectively they are likely to come to a correct decision. That is another awesome power of the internet - to provide the space for that collective analyzation.

This image is no longer as exciting as it once was, owing to the fact we've learned about many of the mysteries shown here. However, of note, behold the references to "Cerberus System", which the internet concludes is Ole' Smokey.

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