Sorry America, and thus the World! I've lived in MA far, far too long now. I despise the place utterly and completely, save for the small understanding that it's probably better than South Carolina. For what that's worth.

As a Mainer, I find this state to be filled to the brim with assholes. Everyone's an asshole -- I, in fact, have become an asshole on the road, just like everyone else, despite my best intentions. This place is poison!

So, I've always been somewhat amused to hear MA referred to as some Liberal Mecca - I've never seen it. Of course, you've got pockets of concentrated Dirty Fucking Hippies (DFH), like in Cambridge, but I've always seen this as a college phenomena - these so called Liberal towns are really big college towns, and I think any college town in any state is prone to be more liberal than the norm.

Because my anecdotal experience is, there's as many Wingnuts in MA as anywhere. I work for a high tech company, filled with intelligent people, and I swear I'm one of 5 people maybe who voted for Obama - I made a ton of money betting with people throughout the office. It was shocking and depressing to me, however, to learn that these smart, engaging people were otherwise mindless zombies programmed to destroy America all the while chanting NEVER FORGET!!!

So, we elected a male, nude, Sarah Palin - make no mistake, this Brown guy is no moderate, and he'll fall entirely inline with the Southern Agenda, which is of course to ensure no Democrat can succeed, even if that means sinking this nation in the mire. As long as Republicans can "win the day", that's all that matters. Oh, that and massive amounts of money and power.

As I've said before, I am a member of no party, and the Democratic party is something of a joke, especially in MA. But, if I'm forced to choose - and I am - I'm choosing a Democrat everysingle time over any Republican. Because the Republican party is really hell bent on destroying this nation - do you want to join that effort, or fight against it? 


Corpsicle said...

Dude, I'm guessing you work somewhere in eastern Mass. I live in Montague, a tiny town in northwestern Mass with a permanent smog of pot smoke and patchouli. There is a small liberal mecca out here, from Amherst and Northampton up to the Vermont border. Apart from the complete lack of jobs it's a really awesome place to live. (I teach yoga, which I love but barely keeps me above the poverty line.) Northampton in particular is a great place to spend some time, great food, some nice little bars, live music and art. Strangely, the drivers here are normal.
The worst, reddest most ignorant shithole in Mass seems to be the Worcester area. If you haven't had the displeasure, I urge you to keep it that way.

Keep the faith dude, you might be outnumbered but you are not alone.

l.e.s.ter said...

As a frequent visitor to Leverett, MA, I can vouch for the normal driving and heavy pot presence in that part of the state.

Redshirt said...

North Shore forever!

I've somehow found myself on the border of Saugus - a quite possible version of hell for me.

I concede that Western MA lives closer to the reputation that is Liberal Mecca. However, I would point out the area around Amherst and Northampton are heavily influenced by all the colleges and Uni's, and thus fall into my theory that almost all uni towns will generally be liberal, or at least more liberal than surrounding "normal" areas.

I've spent some time in Northampton and it is one of America's great hippy cities. I loved it.

And I appreciate the advice about keeping the faith. I strive.